Our Story

The beginning of the story...

...started out 23 years ago. Two of us packed in a car with our cat and all of our belongings and heading to sunny, tropical Florida with the desire to start a new life in a new place. I ( the “Z” in A to Z) had been a successful corporate attorney, my partner and soon to be husband (the “A”) excelled in corporate operations and marketing. But we were entrepreneurs at heart, both ready for change, and A to Z Promotions was born. Maybe not the most sophisticated of names, but it not only literally represented who we were but also the breadth of promotional services that we knew we could provide to our customers. We began our business servicing the promotional merchandising needs of Florida and Caribbean clients.

Fast forward to the present day and we now are servicing a variety of marketing and merchandising needs for clients of all sizes from coast to coast and beyond. Through our affiliation with one of the largest promotional products companies in the US we can provide our clients with international sourcing capabilities, cutting edge technologies, the highest quality products and services and competitive pricing.

The end of the story...

...thankfully has yet to be written! We are grateful to those clients who gave us our start and even more grateful that we still work with many of those clients today. We have never forgotten the personal attention to detail that gained us the loyalty of our first clients and always strive to bring that same level of focused service to each and every project and customer.

Our tag line “Who You Are Is What We Do” perfectly summarizes our passion and our mission: to help you create a unique brand persona, maximize your brand recognition and strengthen your brand reputation with your chosen audience.

You helped us write our story, let us help you tell yours.

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